Hampton Roads

The supportive services and housing that VSH offers its residents help to change their lives through measures both large and small. Whether it’s providing a roof over someone’s head or helping them get the support they need, our work improves the lives of our residents in meaningful ways. By combining housing development, property management and supportive services, VSH delivers a unified approach to the mission of ending homelessness. Our model ensures better teamwork and coordination that deliver results in Hampton Roads.

Our programs and services in Hampton Roads include:

  • Hampton Roads Housing First (HRHF)

    HRHF provides permanent supportive housing through scattered-site rental assistance and supportive services to single adults with disabilities experiencing chronic homelessness.

    Individuals are referred through their respective Continuum of Care. After the referral, a Supportive Services Specialist and the referring agency work in collaboration to gather the necessary documentation of homelessness history and disability to determine eligibility. Once the individual is deemed eligible for the program, a Supportive Services Specialist and Housing Specialist work with the individual and community landlords to locate suitable housing.

    The Housing First team consists of the Program Manager, Housing Specialist, and Supportive Services Specialists. The Supportive Services Specialists provide a range of services to the participants in order to assist them in maintaining their housing. These services include collaboration with landlords, healthcare coordination, vocational services, substance abuse services, and probation/parole when needed.

    Read a Story of Hope from HRHF program participant Needham “Carolina” Wilder in our 2021 Impact Report

    Privacy notice for clients (en español)

  • Move On

    The ultimate goal of supportive services is to help those we serve to regain stability and independence. For many of our residents and program participants, the final step in their journey is to be able to move out of VSH housing into housing of their own. VSH’s Move On program supports individuals in this transition. 

    Through Move On, our Supportive Services teams identify interested residents and work with them to create individualized plans preparing them to move out of permanent supportive housing and live independently. Preparations range from securing housing vouchers and income to pay for rent and utilities to building a social support system. Once a client Moves On, VSH provides supportive services for up to a year, which helps ensure that the transition into stable, independent housing is sustainable and successful. 

    Through Move On, we can support residents in their journey back to independence while opening those units of permanent supportive housing for individuals still experiencing homelessness. 

  • Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

    All VSH-owned properties offer voluntary on-site supportive services to residents.  

    Residents of VSH properties include individuals who have experienced homelessness, have little to no income, have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, are veterans, and/or have a Traumatic Brain Injury. 

    The major components of VSH’s supportive services are case management, individual counseling, skill building, social connectivity, and community engagement. Residents are referred through each community’s local housing authority and/or in collaboration with the coordinated entry process, which consists of a group of providers that operates through the locality’s Continuum of Care and serves as the centralized access point for those who are experiencing homelessness. 

    Properties also offer a range of amenities available on-site for our residents, from phone, computer, and laundry rooms to fitness centers, mailrooms and bike lockers. There are also communal spaces, including community rooms, courtyards, and sitting areas. These spaces are a place for our residents to come together for events and activities, from haircuts and food giveaways to bingo nights and birthday parties. Events like these are put on by both our team at the property and by volunteers.

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