Our Supportive Services Team

Supportive Services are the key component in maintaining housing in the long-term. The work of our Supportive Services team is truly integral to the success of our mission. Below, hear from members of our Supportive Services on their work!

Eleanore, Supportive Services Specialist at South Bay Apartments. 11 years at VSH!

Why did you become a social worker? I was inspired by my social worker! My two sisters and I were removed from my parent’s care at a very young age. She continued to be involved in my life, not as a Social Worker but as a mentor long after we were re-united with my mother and she was there when I received my Master’s degree.

What does a typical day at work look like for you? With the many different personalities, life experiences, needs, etc. I can say that there are few typical days.

What do you find most fulfilling or meaningful in your work as a social worker? To see a client, taking the steps to change their life, moving on- to their own apt., working on their sobriety, obtaining employment, etc.

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Anthony, Permanent Supportive Housing Team Lead. 9 years at VSH!

Why did you become a social worker? I have always had a love for people and have always wanted to help others and whatever way I could. The death of my brother in 2001 changed the course and direction of my life. I grew up in the inner city of Richmond and have experienced much. I am no stranger to violence and death. However, when it hits home it hits different. After the death of my brother, I retreated inward, and things got dark. I am beyond grateful to my parents for reaching out to the local church and other community leaders. These community leaders surrounded me with love in ways that I had never experienced. This outward pouring of love and support helped to change the way I saw the world and myself. I began to believe that I was more, and that people were valuable. They showed me that everyone was deserving of love and support. After much push and encouragement, I went on to Saint Paul’s College to play football and it was during this time I discussed that I wanted to help others. 

What does a typical day at work look like for you? A typical day at work looks like helping some of our most vulnerable persons to maintain safe and stable housing. Assisting them with things that we may sometimes take for granted. Basic things like activities of daily living can be extremely difficult for some of our residents. Helping our residents to work through the many traumas experienced during their homelessness period is an honor.

What do you find most fulfilling or meaningful in your work as a social worker? I find a person’s smile most fulfilling. To be able to help them beyond words is very rewarding.

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Stephanie, TBI Program Manager. 16 years at VSH!

How did you get into this work? Completely by accident. I moved to Richmond right after college and was hired to work at our South Richmond PSH site. After a few years I went to work for another non-profit to manage their charity programs. I really missed the interaction with clients, so I came back to work with VSH. Shortly thereafter the brain injury program was opening, and I was given the opportunity to work with this incredibly amazing group of people. Sixteen years later and I still feel the same way.

What does a typical day at work look like for you? That is the best part-there is no typical day.  Each day is different and always offers new challenges.  The great thing about working with people is that there is always something going on and needing to be done or solved.  

What do you find most fulfilling or meaningful in your work in the TBI program? Working to make the lives of this wonderful and resilient population better. They deal with struggles in simply doing the basic things we take for granted daily due to their injury.  Being able to lessen their load brings me great joy. Also being able to keep our folks as independent as possible, for as long as possible, makes the challenges we face well worth it.

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