Volunteer Spotlight

Meet: Starr Hendricks

Starr Hendricks has dedicated many hours of service to the Hampton Roads community, giving her time to a variety of worthy causes from educational sessions to game days to yoga classes. As a student at Norfolk State University working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Starr has a deep interest in the issue of chronic homelessness, which led her to VSH.

Since signing on with VSH in August of 2015, she has logged more than 330 hours of service as an intern at our South Bay Apartments in Portsmouth, Virginia. Starr says that during her time at VSH she has seen how successful the permanent supportive housing plus case management platform can be. “This experience has helped me find my purpose as to where I want to take my professional career,” said Starr. “I have found my niche, and know what kind of service I want to provide.”

“The residents need us. I can tell, in the group work that I do, that there is a positive impact on lives being made. People know that we believe in them, that they are free to be who they are with no judgment cast and no labels attached. I am proud to have this opportunity with such a great agency!”

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