In their own words…the Cloverleaf Community Garden

Posted on June 14, 2010

In December 2009, VSH received a generous grant from the Hampton Roads Community Foundation to install a community garden at our Cloverleaf property in Virginia Beach. This exciting project will serve as a pilot for gardens at other VSH properties and will be jointly maintained by Cloverleaf tenants and volunteers.

Community gardens provide a lot more than fresh produce. Here is just a sampling of what the garden has meant to the tenants…

“For me it touches my heart…To be in difficult life turmoil, and homeless…we at Cloverleaf share that common reality…the garden has been a bonding experience of all involved. We all face trials sometimes in life and knowing others truly care…gives each of us [a] new and healthier prospective on life…” – Nancy

“We now have the ability to produce our own flowers and vegetables. Which I feel is very rewarding and a blessing.” -Robin

“I learned a little more about planting seeds, plant[ing] different type[s] of flowers and vegetables. I learn[ed] to eat healthier where I lost 15 lbs and my diabetes is under control, what a great thing.”  – Tyanna

“Community living can be difficult at times, but the garden is a tranquil and therapeutic place, and helps when I’m feeling down or overwhelmed. Each day I am excited to go out to my garden plot and I’m so amazed at how well the plants are thriving.” – Mary

To learn more about the Cloverleaf Community Garden, visit VSH’s Facebook page.

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