Can YOU help jazz up our volunteer mobile?

The Volunteer Mobile is plain white. We mean P-L-A-I-N white. With your help, we can wrap the truck with a cool design that will let people know that great things are happening wherever they see the truck. With a new identity, the truck will show volunteers where to gather at work sites and will expand awareness of our mission. We need and welcome your support!



Ending Homelessness.
One Person at a Time.

Homelessness is rarely caused by a single event. It’s a process.

Similarly, recovery from homelessness doesn’t take place overnight. It’s a journey.

Our mission: to end homelessness.

Experts agree, and research validates, that supportive housing is the proven practice to ending homelessness. Research also shows that supportive housing saves public dollars that might otherwise be spent on shelters, healthcare, emergency rooms, jails and other resources.

Housing is a critical first step, and when combined with supportive services, we foster long-term stability, wellness, recovery and independence.

Each year, VSH serves more than 1,200 individuals, including 400 veterans. Thanks to the care and commitment of our supporters, partners and neighbors, more than 95 percent of those we serve do not return to homelessness.

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