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At VSH, we believe that homelessness affects everybody in the community, and community volunteers can and should be a part of the solution! VSH volunteers in Central Virginia engage in mission-critical services that support our very low-income, formerly homeless residents in their efforts to stabilize, regain independence and connect to a caring community.

Volunteer Opportunities

General Volunteer Orientation

Nothing is more rewarding than offering some hands-on help in your community! Come to our volunteer orientation to learn more about joining our 1,000+ strong volunteer corps in Richmond. No matter your interests, skills or availability, we will do our best to match your interest with the needs of those we serve. From one-on-one tutoring to helping serve group meals, hosting monthly birthday parties or bringing the whole crew for a property beautification project, there’s  something for everyone at VSH.


 We are revising our orientation procedure and will be able to accept new individual volunteers this winter. In the coming weeks, reach out to Matt Morrison for any updates on our intake process: mmorrison@virginiasupportivehousing.org.

  • Individual Opportunities

    How can an individual get involved at VSH?

    Current/Upcoming Needs include:

    • Art Instructor
    • Cooking on a Budget Instructor
    • Financial Literacy Instructor
    • GED Instructor
    • Nutrition Instructor
    • Urban Gardener

    Additionally, we offer social work internship opportunities for students. Please contact Jennifer Tiller at jtiller@virginiasupportivehousing.org for more information.

    Need more ideas? Click here for more general service opportunities.

    There is something for EVERYONE when it comes to volunteering at VSH! What skills and knowledge do you have to share?

    See photos of all of our volunteers in action on our Facebook page!

  • Group Opportunities

    How can groups (corporations, congregations, etc) get involved at VSH?

    Current/Upcoming Needs include:

    • Serve a Meal, Serve our Clients
    • Affordable Housing Awareness Week
    • Property Beautification projects
    • Board games & fellowship at our smaller homes (6-8 residents).

    Need more ideas? Click here for more general service opportunities.

    Whether your group is looking for regular, hands-on activity or intermittent participation, our clients truly thrive off of working with volunteer groups!

    See photos of all of our volunteers in action on our Facebook page!

  • Youth & Family Opportunities

    How can community youth groups or families get involved at VSH?

    Youth and family-friendly opportunities allow motivated youth volunteers (under the supervision of parents or guardians) to complete school service requirements, gain greater understanding about the issue of homelessness, and have a fun and meaningful experience.

    Current/Upcoming Needs include:

    • Birthdays for Everyone
    • Potluck Meals

    For more information about our birthday parties and pot luck dinners, please visit the HandsOn Greater Richmond opportunities calendar or email Matthew Morrison at mmorrison@virginiasupportivehousing.org.

Volunteer Documents

Volunteer Links

For more information regarding volunteering in the Central Virginia area, please contact:

Matthew Morrison

Annual Fund Management Specialist
804.788.6825, ext. 314

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