"It's nice to leave work and have a place to go home to."
Jay and Cathy lived and worked at a motel until a change in ownership left them unemployed and homeless. Although they eventually found new jobs, they were unable to afford shelter. VSH's Housing Resource Center assisted them in renting their first apartment in many years.


Need help finding affordable housing? VSH's programs or properties may be able to help.

Virginia Supportive Housing Programs and Properties

VSH is currently accepting applications for three Richmond supportive housing sites for single, homeless adults: New Clay House, South Richmond Apartments, and Veterans’ Apartments. A preference has been established for applicants who are experiencing chronic homelessness (at least one full year on streets or in emergency shelters or 4 episodes of homelessness in 3 years AND presence of a disability). Applications for individuals meeting the definition of chronically homeless will be processed ahead of those who do not. All applicants must meet HUD's definition of homelessness. For a telephone screening, please call (804) 232-5481 and leave a message. (Posted 3/1/10)

VSH is accepting pre-screening applications for its properties in Norfolk (Gosnold Apartments), Virginia Beach (Cloverleaf Apartments), and Portsmouth (South Bay Apartments opening Fall 2010) through the following process. All housing is designated for single, homeless adults.

Referrals to VSH can only be made through the following organizations:

VSH will not accept referrals from individuals or organizations other than those listed above. Additionally, the CoC Designated Agencies above will only accept referrals from homeless service providers who participate in the Continuum of Care in those respective communities. Please contact the representative above from your city to find out more about how to apply.